Tuesday, 3 November 2009

garden view

The joys of illustrating and the mystery of the stairs that go nowhere... Who knew a degree in architecture would have come in handy for this book? Unfortunately for me I do not possess such a qualification.

I've 'flipped' the rough for this next version. I want to head out to the garden in the next spread so this way round makes more sense. However, I still need the boy on the stairs and a door out to the garden and at the moment, despite my best efforts (including constructing a wall outside!) I cannot see where these stairs can possibly lead! Time to get out and about with my camera for reference, methinks!
Aha, or maybe the addition of a landing midway up the stairs...


  1. Love it!! I love to see pencil sketches! That's my favorite part of the llustration process!!
    Have a lovely weekend!