Tuesday, 7 April 2009

from tiny acorns

the growing boy, take two...
I've begun the new roughs for the growing boy book. Tiny, tiny thumbnails to start with, trying to get a feel for how the book is going to work as a whole. I'm not sure I want to stick with realism though, I have a feeling it might yet be quite everyday with a hint of the fantastical - my favourite kind of mundane.


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  2. It's a lonely blogging life so...

    I sometimes feel like I'm raving to myself in the dark (it's probably a similar sign of mental instability to reply to your own post but...)

    When I first starting using blogger I used to be able to search for blogs I might be interested in, these days I only seem to be able to click on 'next blog'. I wonder why (and also, if I can't find anyone, how can they find me??)

    If anyone has the answer, please enlighten me!

  3. Veronica!!!! Your illustrations are fabulous!!! I enjoy the whimsy so much!! (LOVE the bear and monkey on your other blog!)

    Christina! :)

  4. Hi Christina,

    Thanks so much! There's finally some movement on this project, so glad you're sticking around (all feedback - positive, negative or in between 0 is much appreciated!).
    V x