Tuesday, 9 June 2009

poor neglected seedling...

My poor little 'growing boy' is being neglected at the moment as I'm still working on the Latvian illustration for the Italian exhibition. It has to be in Italy by 30th June!!! However, somewhere in the back of my head I'm garnering lots of real life inspirado for the book - I'm growing tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and spring onions (not to mention a pumpkin and a gourd) and all in freezing grey Scotland... and when I'm finished using them for reference, I get to eat them!


  1. Hi Veronica, thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment! Your illustration is gorgeous - I love it and shall be back for more :)x

  2. Isn't the internet fabulous?! I love the idea of being part of a little artistic community (instead of holed up in my studio like a hermit crab). Plus, I think it's going to help give me a kick to get going with my book - looking forward to sharing the journey...